Founding Principles

The Bob Adams Foundation was established in 1983 and is dedicated to the development of the intellectual, moral, and physical skills of people through their involvement in athletics. Its guiding objectives are to promote an inclusive approach to sport and life without regard for socioeconomic standing, religion, gender, age, race or disability; to encourage recreation, physical fitness and healthy living through increased awareness and interest in Track and Field; and to use Track and Field as a vehicle to promote the pursuit of excellence in all dimensions of life, as symbolized by the Greek word “arête”. Since 1983, the Foundation has recognized the excellence of athletes at its Annual Awards Banquet.

Charitable Purpose

In 1987, The Bob Adams Foundation became a charitable organization with a purpose to further its founding principles through Track and Field. Its charitable purpose is to provide opportunities to assist individuals to develop their fullest potential, to achieve balance and harmony in all dimensions of life and to recognize and achieve their own level of excellence. Towards this end, the Foundation supports Track and Field athletes pursuing post secondary education, supports officials as they work to improve their standing, and provides financial assistance for coaching development. These are the core charitable activities of the Foundation, but our support for Track and Field also includes sponsoring other Track and Field activities which are consistent with its Founding Principles and Charitable Purpose.

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Bob Adams Foundation Board of Directors

PRESIDENT – Kyle Williams


SECRETARY – Janice Ringstad

TREASURER – John Neufeld


  • Carrol LaFayette-Boyd
  • Randy Warick
  • Larry Hesterman